Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3

This is the real thing!!!


01. Intro 02:19
02. Black Republicans (Feat. Juelz Santana) 03:13
03. Upgrade 04:12
04. Put Some Keys On It 03:58
05. Ride For My Niggas 05:20
06. Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Feat. Nikki Menaj) 02:31
07. We Takin’ Over (Remix) 02:22
08. Get High, Rule Tha World 03:49
09. I Can’t Feel My Face 03:42
10. Dough Is What I Got 03:49
11. Seat Down Low 03:12
12. New Cash Money 04:17
13. Promise 04:31
14. Outro 00:30

01. Intro 00:34
02. Blooded 04:08
03. Live From 504 02:21
04. King Kong 04:11
05. Dipset 04:08
06. Forever 02:15
07. Walk It Out 03:03
08. Swizzy (Remix) 02:23
09. Boom 03:23
10. N.O. Nigga 02:50
11. Back On My Grizzy 04:12
12. Dipset 2 04:00
13. President (Feat. Currency) 03:39
14. Crazy 04:30
15. Outro 10:00

Download: CD1 / CD2

Download CD1&CD2


45 Réponses to “Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3”

  1. chasity's hubby Says:

    weezy is the best rapper alive hands down bithces!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris Bostic Says:

    Dat boy Lil Wayne is a beast

  3. teflon jay.r Says:

    this mixtape is fire weezy got it right now everybody else fall bacck and cckracck ya skulls bitchez

  4. b wilson Says:

    man that dude wayne go harder than any rapper out there but that nigga fake

  5. jr2323 Says:

    That Dipset 2 freestyle is fuckin fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kiki Says:

    wayne is strickly the best.nobody can touch this nigga on sum real.n e body thiink otha wise, u on crack! WIZZLE BITCH.hatas fall bak ye digg! its daq drought 3 WELCOME!!!!!!!!

  7. Zac Says:

    No one on this earth can touch this man right now. he is on fire. any track he is on is a instant hit. dont matter if its rap or r&b. Wayne is a beast.

  8. lilweezyana Says:

    weezy f baby is nice as niglet dick

  9. teaf Says:

    nigga what yall talkin bout yall niggas just talkin fast n shit all yall haters get up outa here ya dig nigga shit

  10. lil-sha Says:

    Weezy F Baby is the best fa get those athere rappers Cuase he takein over. word to my mothere

  11. jshine Says:

    yo da nigga weezy had done it again you thought tha dedication 2 was his hottest mixtape naw after this one we all know what time it is

  12. Stephon Says:

    That nigga wayne spit nothin but fire on some real $hit

  13. Swoop 27 Says:

    Wayne Is the Best rapper alive cuz He is the only Fire That Can Live In THe Rain Say, Their is another then you Bitches must be Insane HE’s untaimed like Crack addicts veins He can kill nigga’s with blanks but He’ll probably just mention HOW MUCH MONEY HE HAS IN THE BANK yall say he’s not real who gives a fuck what you thank, no one but you I would keep writing but I’m not Fuckin With You Bitches 16 years old WAYNE went from RAGS to Riches FUCK NIGGAS FROM FAGS TO SNITCHES, BAG to DITCHES tried to tell you kids THE BLOCK was hot I guess not but the sound of the glocks pop pop is the last sound your kids heard and now he’s sayin GOOD BY TO HIS POPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Haydan Says:

    Weezy the Beast BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  15. stunnin2pr3tti Says:

    W33Zii F. Babii Iz da b3sT Handz Down 3rbodii KNOW but NOt 3rrbodii ADMIT!!! so gon h3ad stop Hat3n `N Admit it!!!

  16. Dat Nigga Rob Gizzle (HNR) Says:

    DA Fuckin drought 3 is Straight fire yo …………. Watch out cuz it burns

  17. dude Says:

    da best rapper alive and please say da baby or dont say it at all!!!!

  18. NIKKA Says:


  19. diona gilmore Says:

    fire album. yea weezy bad nah really im good sounds like a t-rex live under my hood better kno the tech live uner my seat put u in da ground now u live under my feet. ya digg ~Zoom freestyle~

  20. Wiizy F. Baybee Says:

    Lil’ Wayne continues to show why he is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE with Da Drought3. Delivery is amazing and the lyrics are ridiculous. Take any beat/instrumental and Wayne tears it up.

  21. wayne jr Says:

    yoo wayne is a beast allday 24/7

  22. simental Says:

    how do you get it to play with itunes

  23. dayday Says:

    I lovec you lil wayne!!!!

  24. HollyGrove Banger Says:

    weezy fuckin baby get em a leash young Money dipset ya betta believe dat gun got em walkin lyk he got irregular knees he B all ovR dat bread lyk sesame seeds automatic wit da money lyk Reggie frm 3 big birds no sesame st dnt get mad cuz he jus tryna C his decimals speak cuz u should B doin da same dnt hate get on ya grizzy niggas

  25. cykoiller Says:

    track number 5 on first cd is awesome. keep it up

  26. BIGdippa12 Says:

    lil weezy the hardest nigga out there he on top of his game right now
    show da nigga some love

  27. cool Says:

    i have all of yo cds u name it i have it i have dreds just like u im black and every body say i look like u and i kno all off yo song of off yo cd on blood im 4rm stl onbloods that drought 3 is hard all of yo cd is hard

  28. fatfat Says:

    weezy f baby u is the best rapper alive on blood a they say boosie can beat u i say no he can not beat weezy f baby on bloodz

  29. keke so hard Says:

    u is so,so,so tight to me and cuite so dont hate

  30. KELz Says:

    best rapper alive.period

  31. MCDee Says:

    Weezy is alright, but I think Ice Cube is the best rapper ever!

  32. kwaceni Says:

    weezy is tha best rapper alive and the drought 3 is my sh!t

  33. keith Says:

    whats up bloods in da building i’m one of your biggest fans it is the limit my nigga

    i’l holla my nigga. BLOODS!!!!!!!!

  34. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3 [image] […] […]

  35. shamica wall Says:

    yo dis yo gurl shamica and dat nigga lil wezzy is a mutha fuckin beast anybody who dis him is a mutha fuckin fool……………. YALL SUM PUSSY AZZ NIGGAS

  36. shamica wall Says:


  37. Brianna Says:

    Yo weezy isz my husband 4 realsz!! i love disz nigga more then money hahahaha!!!!

  38. *{..yOuNg cARtEr'z dARLiiN..}* Says:

    *yO! weezy fuckin baby is so damn CLEVER wit his words, he say shit you aint neva eva heard of. Caint nobody fuck young carter darlin, NOBODY! aint nobody on earth that can see dat nigga. He just too damn throwed, i know he gone stay up and last long so if thank he aint shit now, get wit it lata cuz he aint goin nowhere and caint no future rappa top dis cat. Aint no otha rappa like of a kind, truely. Respect a nigga cuz he original. If you’n thank he tha best, get back on yo meds nigga! and quit hatin!! wit ya bitch ass!!!!!!!!

  39. M-Breezy Says:

    Da Drought 3 is a hot mixtape. YOu know he fire when he even rapped about kissin his daddy, listin to we takin ova freestyle ITS CLEAN!!!!!!

  40. young flame Says:

    da best!

  41. lile Says:

    the sky is the limit you need to put dat on myspace so i can get and repersent you im cash money fa life

  42. young money Says:

    when he rapped off that mims beat it was over after that, the nigga is just unstoppable

  43. mz.weezyf.babyy. Says:

    ight yez; lil wayne da beast; da finnest; da reallest; nigga in da GAME BiTCH!! so kno dat 1.. okay && 2. dat nigga aint put bitchez in dey place id have a lil messes in my flo; so yea, if u smart BiTCH den he help u to. 3… im in da hood hoesz lol thtz tht shit fa all yallz troubled thoughts skky iz da limit; lol keep ya headz up!!! 4…BONNiE&&CLYDE FREESTYLE!! made ta mee bitchez; so 5.. FALL BAYK!! (thts back to all u DUMB`HOZ)!! but i can go all day !!! so fa now my hoz&niggaz :: stay trill & crussh dem fake bitches; cuz queen sick uv`em. && im gettn money!

  44. FLYBOYMAC Says:


  45. stupid_hoes Says:

    dumb bitches get off waynes dick he isnt all dat
    if so den go suck his dick n eat his butty hole

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