Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3 (unofficial)

 Click here for the official Da Drought 3


Disc One
1.) Intro- This is Why I’m Hot Freestyle
2.) Black Republicans Freestyle
3.) Upgrade Freestyle
4.) Throw Some D’s Freestyle
5.) Sky’s The Limit
6.) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Freestyle
7.) We Takin’ Over (« My Daddy » Freestyle)
8.) Imagine
9.) Hard Body (Gillie Da Kid Diss Included)
10.) Top Back Freestyle
11.) Down and Out
12.) Crazy
13.) Nasty
14.) Outro

Disc Two
1) Intro
2) BMJR 2
3) Crack Da Bottle
4) Dirt Off Yo Bape
5) That Reggae Shit
6) Walk It Out
7) Your Nasty
8) Wayne It Here
9) Repping Time
10) Shoulder Lean
11) Be Me
12) I Luv It
13) Zoom
14) It’s Me Bitches (remix)


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Disc Two sendspace / rapidshare


30 Réponses to “Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3 (unofficial)”

  1. J-Will Says:

    where is promise and in the hood?

  2. Ello Says:

    track number 3 on disc is Live from 504

  3. Ello Says:

    disc 2

  4. worldmixtape Says:

    Go here :


  5. stesteel Says:

    upgread is stright up fire

  6. liluda Says:

    Why im Hot and My Daddy is straight up gangsta

  7. terriance mcswain Says:

    that the coldest stuff ever next time u make somthing hit me up

  8. terriance mcswain Says:

    that i cold mixtape

  9. dtae Says:

    yeah that one emanual says is right

  10. tony Says:

    i dont care what kno body say u still the best rapper alive

  11. tony Says:

    on disc 1 # 13 is promise not nasty

  12. CKrabkiller Says:

    on disc 1 the sky is the limit
    on disc 2 #2 supposed to be « Blooded » them are the best songs

  13. keekee white Says:

    this is the best rapper alive ya heard hataz……and the best album

  14. nick Says:

    the cd is the bomb but cd 2 is the best

  15. Ramona Says:

    i luv da every song on dare especially walk it out n promise dats my favorite

  16. Tee Says:

    If Ion do nothin imma ball…what’s the name of this song?

  17. ncio Says:

    lil wayne is so raw….. disc to is the shizznit

  18. Dominique Says:

    yeah.. Man that cd disc 2 is my shite exspecially # 13

  19. lil buddy Says:

    was good

  20. sexybica Says:

    wanye is cold az fu#k he is the best rappa alive, dem other rappa cant see him, sincerly wanye’s #1 fan

  21. guled Says:

    this is the hardest shit ever

  22. bk blood killa Says:

    blooded is cool but it disrespectful

  23. cykokiller Says:

    CD 1 is missing track number 5 which is Ride for my Niggas. Which is straight up killa.

  24. Keys Says:

    if ion do nothin imma ball- that’s called duffle bag boy

  25. breezy f baby plz say tha baby Says:

    wayne is tha best rapper alive and will be tha best rapper when he leave if he leave

  26. fatfat Says:

    weezy this shit is hard and i am your biggest FAN

  27. fatfat Says:

    i have all of your cd and email me plese

  28. lil dee Says:

    dats off da chain mane

  29. Big J Says:

    that shits the bomb. i love that top back verse… so raw. and the fact that is off the top of your head is awesome. stack that money and i’ll do the same. peace.

  30. No'elani Says:

    I love every fucking song

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